Preparing for a show

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Exhibitors, this is what you will need to organize before the show day.

Hand in your entries before the cut off date

The cut off date will be listed on the Upcoming Events page. Entries or changes to entries submitted after this date will not be accepted. Visit 'How to enter' for more information.

Have a carry cage ready for the day

You will need a temporary cage or converted tub for the day to hold your rodents in while they aren't being judged. Something small enough to carry around but also roomy enough for the rodents to hang out in for a few hours. A decent size for a few rats is about a 50L sized container.

Have show tubs & breeders choice litter ready for the day

When your rodent is ready to be judged, you place the rodent in a small show tub and take it to the steward. Our standardized show tubs are Hagen Pal Pens. These are for sale by the Treasurer in the morning at shows. The 'mini' is suitable for mice, the 'small' is suitable for kitten rats & most female rats, and the 'medium' is suitable for larger female rats and male rats. If you wish, you may place a thin slice of carrot with the animal while they are in their show tub.

Please make sure you fill your show tubs with Breeders Choice Cat Litter before you arrive (available at supermarkets and pet stores). It is a requirement to use Breeders Choice as this is our standardized show tub bedding. This is to make sure the judge's cannot differentiate between who owns each animal. We will also have some Breeders Choice available for a small price on the day should you not have access to any beforehand. This can also be purchased from the Treasurer when paying your entry fees in the morning.

Mite/lice treat your rats and mice at least 1 week before the show

Animals with lice or mites will be disqualified and are required to be quarantined at the back of the hall. This is to prevent the spread of mites at the show. You can buy "Ivomec" or "Revolution" from your pet shop or vet to treat your rats & mice. Simply dab a small drop behind each ear and your rats & mice are covered. This is to prevent the spread of bugs at our rodent shows.

Health check your rats and mice

Check for things like lumps & bumps, discharge around the nose & eyes, and most of all for breathing abnormalities (any odd sounds could be a symptom of respiratory distress). It's good practice to double check your animals the night before the show as sometimes unexpected problems can pop up. Unhealthy animals will be disqualified.

Bath rats and mice if needed

It might be a good idea to give your animals (particularly white rats) a quick bath or wipe over with warm water a few days to a week before the show. For mice usually a wipe over with a damp cloth will suffice. An animal with a healthy clean coat and tail will score better in Condition than an animal with staining or marks. To get marks off of a rats tail you can gently brush with a toothbrush & warm water. If you would like to use shampoo, No Tears Baby Shampoo or animal shampoo is a good bet.

Think about bringing a rat and mouse related object for the raffle table.

This object can be either for the animals or for the humans! The more people that bring something, the more there is to be won. This donation to the club means the club can continue to run shows and provide good awards for the winners of the day.

Bring money to spend!

There are always lots of things to buy at shows. We have a canteen to keep your tummy filled, with all profit going to the club. Also all members are allowed to bring items to sell at shows. Anyone who does so must contribute something to the raffle table. We ask that no one sells items that our longstanding sponsor The Dapper Rat sells.

If you have any more questions about what to do before a show day, please email us or ask on our facebook group.