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Follow the guidelines below to enter your rodents in the show. If you have any further questions after reading this please contact us.

Is my rat/mouse eligible to enter?

Luckily there aren't many requirements to enter your rat or mouse. Your pet can't be pregnant or nursing. He/she must be in good health & not showing any symptoms of sickness. He/she must be at least 8 weeks old to enter a Pet class, and at least 12 weeks old to enter a Varieties or Conformation class. You need to mite/lice treat them as a preventative measure at least 1 week before the show day. You can buy "Ivomec" or "Revolution" from your pet shop or vet to treat your rats & mice. Simply dab a small drop behind each ear and your rats & mice are covered.

Which class do I enter my rat/mouse in?

Each rat/mouse can only be entered in 1 class for the day. There is a limit of 3 rodents per class for guests & single memberships, or a limit of 4 rodents per class for duo & group memberships.
**EDIT 29TH SEPTMEBER 2016: The limit of entries has been temporarily lifted -- so enter as many per class as you like.
Each class costs $2 (members) or $4 (guests).

Pet classes

Click here for the list of Pet classes.

"Pet" classes are judged only on how friendly & healthy the rodent is whilst the "looks" of the rodent are not at all judged. We recommend Pet classes for people who are new to showing, for rodents who are exceptionally friendly, or for rodents who are not suitable for varieties classes (physical deformity or not a standardized variety).

Varieties classes

Click here for the list of Varieties classes.

"Varieties" classes are also judged on how friendly & healthy the rodent is. However the rodents are additionally judged on conformation, colour, marking and coat (looks). To enter a "Varieties" class you need to know what colour, marking and coat type your rodent is ( Ask us if you aren't sure ). From there you can use our Varieties class calculator to see which class your rodent belongs in. Additionally your rodent needs to be a variety recognized by our club, you can check the Rat Standards or Mouse Standards to see if your rodents variety is on there. Each variety also has disqualifications listed, so make sure your rodent doesn't fall into that list.

Conformation class

The Conformation class is judged exactly the same as the Varieties classes, however "Colour/Marking" and "Coat" is not included in the scoring. This class is best for rodents who would get disqualified in the Varieties classes for not fitting a standard, but who are excellent in other areas. This class is not included to go in the running for the final "Best in Show" award and prizes, however a "Best Conformation" ribbon is given to the winner.

Junior owned pet class

This class is judged the same as our other Pet classes, however it is for owners younger than 18 years only. Under 18s are welcome to enter any of our classes and this is simply an added option. Rodents entered in this class however cannot be entered in another class (one class per rat). This class is not included to go in the running for the final "Best Pet in Show" award and prizes, however a "Best Junior Owned Pet" ribbon is given to the winner.

Breeders group

If you are a breeder, you may elect 3 related rodents from your Varieties class entries to put into the Breeders Group class. The rodents must have your prefix, must be owned by you, and must be related to each other somehow. The class is not called up; instead the three elected rodents have their score averaged and the group with the highest score wins. You don't need to be a registered breeder to enter, and it costs $2 (members) or $4 (non-members) to enter the group. You may only enter 1 group.

How does the entry form work?

The entry form is hosted on Google Docs. If you have a google account, simply click on "File" and "Make a Copy". If you don't have a google account, click on "File" and "Download as" and download it as a Word Document to edit on your computer. Then email it to If you can't get the form to work, contact us for help.

What is a "Breeder Prefix"?

If you purchased your rat/mouse from a breeder, that rodent should have an abbreviation in front of it's name to represent where it came from. For example, "Captain Ratz Mischief" has a prefix of "CAP". If "Fluffy" was bred by them, her official name would be "CAP Fluffy". It is polite to include a breeders prefix on your entries - if your rodent wins an award that breeder can be recognized. You can ask your breeder what their prefix is. If you're not sure you are welcome to leave that part of the form blank. The breeder does not need to be registered with QRF for their prefix to be included.

I sent the form, now what?

A confirmation that your entries were received will be emailed back. If you don't receive that confirmation after a day or two, please contact us to ensure that it was received. Other than that sit tight and wait for the show day!

Oops! I made a mistake on my entry form after I already sent it! What do I do?

Not to worry. You need to send through a brand new entry form with any changes included on it before entries close. If entries have closed however, your changes will not be accepted. So double check & triple check when you send the form!