How to become a registered rat or mouse breeder

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If you're interested in becoming a Registered Breeder, these are the steps that are involved. To gain a full understanding you may also refer to our official process of breeder registration. Forms are best handed to us at rodent shows however they can also be scanned & emailed to us at

  1. Become a financial member.
  2. Read our Registered Breeder Code of Ethics & see if they suit your breeding style.
  3. Submit the Intention to Breed form. Make sure you do this as soon as you decide to become Registered, as there is a wait involved.
  4. Attend 6 shows over a minimum of 12 months. A minimum of 5 rodents must be shown during this time, including some rodents bred by you.
  5. Submit the "Application to Breed" form. A member of the management committee will have a "questionnaire" chat with you. There are absolutely no "right or wrong" answers - and it's not an interrogation by any means - it's purely to get an understanding of your breeding knowledge & see if we can help in any way.
  6. Your application will be submitted to the committee for approval.
  7. Once your application is approved, a one-time Breeders Registration fee of $40 is to be paid.
  8. Your registration will be announced online & at the next rodent show.

Breeding both rats and mice

If you initially submit an intention to breed form for rats, and decide a few months down the track to also breed mice, a second intention to breed form must be filled out & process repeated for the extra species. However you will not need to pay an extra fee for breeding 2 species.

If you are already registered as a breeder for one species, but later decide to breed another species, a second intention to breed form must be filled out. However there will only be a 3 month waiting period before needing to submit the "Application to Breed" form. No extra fee is paid for the second species.