November 2014 Christmas Show

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Kirra Gerber's pictureBy Kirra Gerber
December 4th, 2014:
QRF News

Queensland Rodent Fanciers Inc. recently had our seventh and final show of the year for 2014. It's been a big year with a lot of changes: Club name and logo change, brand new website, rosettes, new sponsors, goodbyes to familiar faces, record numbers of rodent entries and an overhaul of our judging standards, just to name a few.

Club Name and Logo Change

For those not aware, QRF started in 2000 as the Australian Rodent Fanciers Society Inc of Qld. Since it had been many years since there was any affiliation with clubs of the same name in other states, members welcomed in a fresh start to the club with the name of Queensland Rodent Fanciers Inc and a modern logo to match. Bonus points for the new name being less of a tongue twister as well. I've included our previous (left) and new logo (right) below.




Thank you to all those who sponsored us for part or all this year.

All Metal Magic

Dapper Rat

Laucke Mills

Paul Morland Plumbing



As mentioned above, the club has been around for over a decade. While members have come and gone, there were a few faces who were there throughout it all. We said a big thank you to Barbara Greaves, Leigh Merrells and Tina Merrells as it was their last official show with the club. We hope to see them pop in from time to time for a chat, although we will miss both them and their contributions to the club. Sandy, one of our committee members, put together a few baskets of goodies on behalf of the club. Hope you enjoy the goodies!

Judging Standards

It was felt that the standards could have been a little more specific in areas and as such led to some people misunderstanding some aspects. The subcommittees appointed by the management committee decided that since we now have such a large pet competition that is comparable to the variety judging, that desexed rodents are better suited to being soley entered in the Pet section. One of the reasons for this is that although a desexed rodent may be a fantastic pet, one of the reasons for desexing could have been due to its temperament and therefore it would not be justifable to award them Best Rat or Mouse In Show. The standards are still being tweaked as the colours were not looked at at all during the previous overhaul. The final editions should be ready in time for the next show in the new year.

Christmas Show

If you have never been to a rodent show, it's time to change that! Each show we have many members who bring rodent related goodies and nicknacks to sell. You will find everything from human and rat noms to hammocks and wheels to adorable little rodent figurines available for purchase. Every year at our final show we add in some extra fun Christmas categories people can enter. We had some crazy costumes, fantastic christmas displays and of course, the favourite: Pea Eating Competition. My 'Soup' came a close second this year after he lost one of the peas under his butt. The main results of the show will be publised online and individual scores will be sent out to exhibitors soon.


Pea Eating Comp Winner - Sophie Owned by Team Patto

A strange rodent

Part of the fantastic display by Nikita and Michelle                                

One of our hardworking scoring assistants

A festive cage

Some of the day's winners showing off their shinies


Show Dates

I am also pleased to announce our show dates for 2015

10 weeks from previous show
Feb 1st - Mt Gravatt

7 weeks from previous show
march 22nd - Mt Gravatt

8 weeks from previous show
may 17th - Mt Gravatt

8 weeks from previous show
July 12th - Mt Gravatt - last sun of pub school holidays

7 weeks from previous show
Aug 28/29/30? To be confirmed

6 weeks from GC from previous show
Oct 18th - Mt Gravatt

6 weeks from previous show
Nov 29th - Mt Gravatt


Thank you to everyone who exhibited at our shows this year and we hope to see you in 2015!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)