March Show 2015

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Kirra Gerber's pictureBy Kirra Gerber
April 1st, 2015:
QRF News

Another fun show! I thought I'd speak about some of the 'behind the scenes' people who are the ones that make the club thrive. Perhaps might speak about more 'behind the scenes' people after the next show. We really appreciate everyone who volunteers their time. The more jobs that are spread out between people, the less effort if needed for each person. Without volunteers, the show cannot happen and no one will get shinies (aka rosettes) at the end.

Some of the shinies.



If you want to know how rodents are judged you can look this page to learn more about it ( and more info here for varieties classes or here for pet classes). It's a long tiring day for judges, especially when there is a lot of entries, so it's great that they volunteer their time for this. Some of our judges are extremly new but learning well and others have knowledge of a few years in breeding rodents but have only been judging for a fairly short period of time. Our aim is to have at least three Judges available for each section (pet, mice and rats) so there is no one Judge each year. This means that not only can a Judge enter their own rodents but end of year scores (see more here) are decided by more than one Judge. This is particularly important as a high percentage of the scores (and almost all of the decision in pets) is decided by temperament. Each Judge will view the temperament of a single rodent slightly differently, although we aim for consistency. It is great to see a rodent winning consistently and knowing that this is because multiple Judges are seeing the same good qualities in a rodent.

From closest to further away: Pet judging, mice judging and rat judging with a couple of learner judges

Nikki judging rats and deep in thought about the next entry

Keish judging mice and Bianca supposedly learning (pay attention!). It's not all serious :D

Possibly what Bianca was laughing at above. Lincoln thought something stinks! Jesse learning Pet Judging.


Another volunteer position for the day where they need to be on their toes to keep entries flowing well throughout the day. Thank you to all the stewards who give their time to keep the show running. Stewarding involves requesting entries up for the next categories and for people to collect their entries (aka rodents in show tubs). They have to juggle (not literally! ha!) how many entries are up at one time and are available to judges.

Kayte was sick but the show must go on! Looking pretty as always though as she stewards.

Score Keeping


This show I was one of the score keepers with Jess and Kayte switching in and out. It involves data entry into a computer all day and hoping nothing is entered incorrectly. Double checking all the entries and filling out all the certificates. I'm on the fence about whether I like knowing who will win or not before others. It's kind of fun being one of only two who know the winners but at the same time the suspense when you don't know (as a normal entrant) is great when one of your rodents do win something.

No photo of me scoring (oh what a shame!) but little LTM Koala Bum was helping me score most of the day.


Random Pics of the Day


See you next show!