2017 Annual General Meeting

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Tenille Webster's pictureBy Tenille Webster
February 9th, 2017:
QRF News

I am very happy with our show today. I felt it had a great atmosphere, very friendly and jovial. Thank you exhibitors for talking to the newbies and public. Also very happy to have newbies!! Thank you so much for giving showing a go and truly hope to see you again next time!

With our AGM this show I felt we did very well and we're able to make decisions as a unit without to much issue. Thank you for welcoming me as your president I hope I can prove myself worthy of the role. Don't worry I have lots of big things planned and hope to lead us into bigger and great things. My animals also did well I am very proud of them too haha.

If anyone has any questions or issues about the club or shows don't hesitate to ask myself or my fellow committee members and we will strive to resolve them as best we can. The new elected committee members are below.

2017 Management Committee

Visit our contact page to get in touch with us.

President: Tenille Webster
Vice President: Caitlin Gardner
Secretary: Sandy O'Hare
Treasurer: Lincoln Pedersen

2017 General Committee

Visit our contact page to get in touch with us.

Show Secretary: TBA
Sponsorship Coordinator: Tenille Webster
Canteen Coordinator: Roy O'Hare & Sandy O'Hare
Hall Coordinator: Tenille Webster
Lakeisha Wall
Committee Member: Nikita Reid
Committee Member: Charlotte Jamieson
Committee Member: Bianca Patterson
Committee Member: Maree Crabtree
Committee Member: Mixy Vigor

I'm so excited for the coming year. Thank you everyone!